“Antonia is gifted and has studied and practiced extensively. She truly makes it her first priority to give each person the best healing possible. For this reason she is my go to massage therapist and the best professional I have discovered yet. I highly recommend her for her caring, professionalism and mostly for her results.”

Lawrence H.
Traditional Naturopath
Westlake Hills, CA.

“Without a doubt Antonia is the best “hands on” massage therapist we have encountered. She is scrupulously attentive, has an uncanny ability to read the body, move and manipulate muscles and areas needing healing. It is remarkable to be under her caring hands and sense the immediate response of our bodies adjusting to her alignments. She is persistent in her focus during the session somehow knowing when to push and when to gently coax the healing response she is after. One massage and you will never let another person touch you. Antonia’s instincts are highly refined and her dedication matchless! Enjoy!!”

Aniela Costello
Traditional Homeopathist
Austin, Tx. New York, NY.

“Antonia is the most intuitive and profoundly healing, transformational body worker who I have ever let work on me.  I have tendonitis from typing as well as lower back pain and a few scars on my legs from past traumas.  Antonia’s touch has always been ideal.  Her knowledge of the human body is comprehensive, her talents are immeasurable, and her generosity is unbounded. I could not recommend her work more highly to you.” 

Ira Israel
Psychotherapist & Mindful Living Expert
Los Angeles, CA

“Antonia exudes compassion, care and strength. Even just being in her presence, I feel calm and relaxed. Her body work is unique and deep, it’s like taking a vacation in the mind- restorative and wonderful.”

Leah Joiner
Holistic Wellness Coach
Venice, CA

“I’ve had many massages and Antonia’s is by far the most therapeutic.  Her knowledge and masterful touch precisely releases held energy and trauma so the body can begin to heal.”

Dolores Wylie
Polarity Therapy and Somatic Trauma Release Practitioner
Calabasas, CA

“Antonia’s hands align with her soul as she heals you through massage.”

C. Marinangel
Los Angeles, CA

“I came to LA, Three years ago and was privileged to meet Antonia.  Amongst the anonymous throngs of people – Antonia stood out.  Her dedication to her craft (massage), and her loving, profoundly caring being has made her a true treasure in my life.  She is knowledgeable, consistent, and committed to giving all her very best.  A truly unique woman, healer and friend❤️”

Los Angeles, CA